Faber-Castell Hexo

Faber-Castell has just (?) released the Hexo. It’s about the same price as the Grip (maybe a tiny bit more expensive) and looks fun as well. I might get the all black version.

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This reminds me of the Ondoro though the section is less characteristic. I’ll check the Hexo out the next time I see it in a shop.

anyone get one of these pens yet? I would love an Ondoro walnut, maybe a hero would do in the meantime?

Not yet, but I’ve been meaning to pick one up. Probably the all black one.

Here’s a review of it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AVqgfiyMV0A

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Thanks for the review link @ujh . It helped me to have a better understanding of the Hexo. I have a Loom and the nib is pretty solid, I really like it. What I don’t like about the Loom is the weight and the slippery metal grip (even though it has some ridges). It seems like the Hexo is superior to the Loom regarding the issues I have with my Loom.

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The Faber-Castell nibs are great. BTW, you can put the nibs from the Loom into the TWSBI Go. No more issues with the grip then. :wink: Interestingly it’s too loose for the Eco.

The Hexo nib however looks more like the nib of the Grip, which is a bit different, but also great. And that one then fits into the Eco (but not the Go).


The review is very helpful, I have watched a few of that guys reviews. Yes I think it looks better than the loom. Very interesting about the nibs fitting TWSBI’s I have a go and a few eco’s, so good to know.