Pen Meet - 2019 December - Budapest

Hi everbody,

Please vote for the date of our next pen meet:

  • Friday, Dec 6 18:00
  • Saturday, Dec 7 18:00
  • Friday, Dec 13 18:00
  • Saturday, Dec 14 18:00
  • Friday, Dec 20 18:00
  • Saturday, Dec 21 14:00
  • Saturday, Dec 21 18:00
  • Friday, Jan 3 18:00
  • Saturday, Jan 4 14:00
  • Saturday, Jan 4 18:00

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The 7th, and 14th of Dec will be workdays (who’s idea was this?), so I put the next week in the vote also.
The January dates would be a second meetup to meet with @petrisz, if you could make it vote also for that date also, I will count them separately. :slight_smile:

I marked 4th of January but I might not actually make it. :frowning:

So our next meet will be on next Saturday, the 14th, at 18:00.
I will make reservations and update the feed.

We will also hold one on the 4th of Jan with @petrisz :slight_smile:

If the votes will be this split next time, maybe we could organise two separate meets, but then someone should help me with the organisation! :smiley:


You are amazing! I’m looking forward to our penmeet in January!

I reserved a table at Puskin Restro for Saturday 18:00, see you there!:slight_smile:


I reserved a table at Puskin Restro for the 4th of Jan, Saturday 14:00 also.
Happy New Year!:slight_smile:

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Thank you for the interim penmeet again. I was so happy to finally meet you. It was great fun!

Happy New Year & Happy Writing!

Kind regards,