Well-behaving permanent blue or blue-black ink wanted


Great news, we are about to buy our first home (and embark on a journey of decades-long mortgage payment :grimacing:). As you may have guessed by now, like a true fountain pen addict and inkoholic, the first thing that came into my mind when we had won the bid was:

What kind of permanent blue or blue-black ink should I buy to use when I sign the contract? (I had already decided on the pen in advance, my blue Pelikan M805 EF.)

I’d think people normally start with calling the mortgage broker, organising a technical inspection or opening a bottle of champagne. However I started researching permanent inks :smiley: I’m not sure whether i’m being bohème or just stupid :laughing:

So to get to the point, what ink would you recommend that is

  • water resistant
  • blue or blue-black (preferably not the most boring blue tone)
  • behaves well on crappy copy paper (EF nib)
  • safe to be used with an expensive pen like the Pelikan M805
  • does not dry in too fast
  • easy to clean from the pen 100% of the ink

I’ve checked some review videos about the Montblanc Permanent Blue and while it has excellent water resistance, it seems that it tends to dry in and it may not be easy to clean.

Thanks for your help in advance.


I’ve had good experiences with Rohrer & Klingner Salix. It’s an iron gall ink so it’s permanent. It’s somewhat dry (as most IG inks) but that also means that it will work fairly well on cheap paper.

There’s of course also the various nano pigment inks, especially the ones from Sailor come to mind. But I’ve not used those myself. Rohrer & Klingner has the SketchINK line which are also nano pigment inks. I think there’s a blue one in there as well.

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Thanks! The Salix looks good.

What do you think about KWZ IG Blue inks?

I haven’t used any of them, but I’ve heard good things about them.

I had limited time and had to go with what was readily available locally so I ended up with a pigmented blue from Platinum. It’s a quite saturated vibrant blue. It has a similar shade like Colorverse’s Cat (minus the glittering) and Visconti Blue. The water resistance is good (once the ink dries which takes some time) and the flow seems to be OK at first glance.

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