What are you using today?

I’ve just bought my second Leonardo and those are some spectacular pens. The steel nibs are excellent as well. These are Bock nibs (AFAIK) but they must be hand-tuned because the nibs are amazing out-of-the-box. I’ve tried several Leonardo nibs many months apart and they were all excellent. This consistency proves hand tuning and rigorous quality control. I’ve tried a Leonardo Momento Zero Grande with an EF steel nib just yesterday. Normally one has to be a bit forgiving with EF nibs, even good EF nibs has some slight toothiness or a relatively narrow sweet spot in terms of rotating the nib. That Leonardo EF steel nib was amazingly smooth and was very forgiving on not holding the pen at an optimal angle. I closed my eyes to compare EF and F nibs and I just couldn’t tell the difference.

Yeah, they are really good. I might buy a second one (not sure which model) at some point.

Currently inked (the colours are off :face_with_thermometer:)


Digital meets Analogue :slight_smile:

Currently inked of the bunch is the Visconti Homo Sapiens Bronze Age.


I’m finally down to just one inked pen. A PenBBS 323 with a Jinhao fude nib so that I can write it dry in a reasonable amount of time.


Currently inked:

This Homo Sapiens is really growing on me :slight_smile: I started to fall out of love with the Opus 88 Demonstrator, but this Bock Ti nib has spiced up the writing experience :slight_smile:

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I love the Opus 88 pens @petrisz. If only they could get over their obsession with cap threads, they would be perfect.

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A friend of mine bought an Opus 88 Demo to use it in the kitchen for jotting down shopping list and so on. She inspired me to buy this pen but I soon realised that this is not the pen for taking quick notes needing 3 full turns to remove the cap :smiley: On the plus side: the nib doesn’t dry out fast :slight_smile:

My currently inked pen (yes, it’s singular :smile: but not for long :smiling_imp:) is this gorgeous Twiss Hybrid Wood-Epoxy Resin pen with a Jowo EF steel nib. The wood looks just amazing and it goes really well with the dark-purple resin and the glistering blueish-silverish-purplish Mica powder in it.

The ink of my choice is Robert Oster Summer Storm which was generously gifted to me by @dragorsi :pray:

The papers are Endless Recorder Notebook (Tomoe River 68 gsm) and Clo-o-ring Ink testing book.

The 2nd pen I inked is this vintage Mabie Todd Swann 0160. This has a merry singing 14k flex nib :slight_smile:

I wanted to use an ink that shades nicely when I flex the nib. Since this pen has an ink sac the ink should also behave well & be easy to clean. I went with the Kaweco Paradise Blue I got from my Secret Santa, @vgorcz (:pray: thanks again!).


Very pretty writing and pen, @petrisz! I’m glad to see that you like it - and that it matches the satin bookmark and elastic band :wink:

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I’ve been to @fontoplumo and bought this beautiful Fine Writing Bronze Age Brass. The brass cap and the engraving look beautiful and go well with this saturated blue Colorverse Supernova (thank you @dragorsi) . The pen has a Jowo steel nib and writes well. The package includes a converter but can be used as an eyedropper as well.

I love the uncomplicated, simple yet refined aesthetics of the King of Pen Ebonite and the nib is absolutely amazing.

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I have about 15 pens currently inked, so I’'ll just go with what I’m currently using… A 1959 Parker 51 aerometric, Forest Green Custom medium nib inked with Waterman’s Mysterious Blue, and Jinhao X450 Green marble medium nib inked with Parker Penman Mocha (an increasingly rare ink discontinued 20 years ago).

This particular demonstration is on a Rhodia No.12 premium ivory blank pocket notepad. My usual desk notepad is the No.16 premium ivory blank pad. My vertical bound notebooks of choice are the Clairefontaine A4 duo books and the A5 journals that cost about $4 from Kmart. lol

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Hi Everybody!
Nowadays I am using my Namisu IXION aluminium fountain pen. Fine nib with Diamine turquoise ink.

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Looks pretty :smiley_cat: I like the colour and the faceted cap.

More than anything else I’ve been writing letters today with this!


@Sk8rcruz Beautiful pen! Thanks for sharing and welcome to FPC :slight_smile:

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Pen: Luoshi Labyrinth
Ink: Visconti Turquoise
Paper: Rhodia


oooh, i love your handwriting! so neat