A guide to exporting your inks to a Google Spreadsheet

I wanted to send someone my list of inks in FPC so they could edit it in a spreadsheet. I thought I’d share a little guide on how I did that. FPC lets me export my inks data as a csv file, so I could import that into Google Sheets. When you do that, the file then contains a “colors” column containing the hex codes of the ink swatches. So far so good. Now comes the cool bit: Someone wrote a script that I found online that can take the hex codes and set the cell backgrounds in that column to the matching colour:

To run this, I created an Apps Script called “recolour cells” and pasted the code at that link into the editor, edited the spreadsheet name, then saved the script. Then I created a Trigger (“Triggers | Add Trigger” on the Apps Script page) to hook that up to the onEdit event of my Google Spreadsheet. Then in the spreadsheet, I selected and cut (CTRL+X) the hex codes into the clipboard and pasted them back (CTRL+V) in-place, which triggered the script and pasted back the values with the new background colours.


Look here to see how to change the color backgrounds in Excel based on the hex code: excel - Set an automatic color background depending on the HEX value in the cell? - Stack Overflow

Scroll down to the second answer, which improves on the first.