A guide to exporting your inks to a Google Spreadsheet

I wanted to send someone my list of inks in FPC so they could edit it in a spreadsheet. I thought I’d share a little guide on how I did that. FPC lets me export my inks data as a csv file, so I could import that into Google Sheets. When you do that, the file then contains a “colors” column containing the hex codes of the ink swatches. So far so good. Now comes the cool bit: Someone wrote a script that I found online that can take the hex codes and set the cell backgrounds in that column to the matching colour:

To run this, I created an Apps Script called “recolour cells” and pasted the code at that link into the editor, edited the spreadsheet name, then saved the script. Then I created a Trigger (“Triggers | Add Trigger” on the Apps Script page) to hook that up to the onEdit event of my Google Spreadsheet. Then in the spreadsheet, I selected and cut (CTRL+X) the hex codes into the clipboard and pasted them back (CTRL+V) in-place, which triggered the script and pasted back the values with the new background colours.

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