Alternate Noodler's Ink Names in FPC Database?

Hi all - fountain pen newbie here! I’ve gotten several samples of Noodler’s ink with names that were recently rebranded (e.g. Southwest Sunset, Rose in the Louvre, Pecan). When I input these into my FPC list the newer names aren’t recognized. Does anyone know if there’s a way to link my entries to the existing FPC databases for these inks? Or do I need to use their old names in my list to access the color hex codes, reviews, etc.?

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that’s an interesting challenge that I will have to look at soon. Combining the old and new entries would give you the color codes, but then you would lose the autocomplete. Separate entries would give you the autocomplete, but no color codes and links to reviews. :thinking:

The best solution would probably to have separate entries and then link the old and new somehow. I’ll have to think about it!


Thanks for looking into this, Urban!

I wonder if you could have a ‘master’ ink entry with a combined name (e.g. “Noodler’s Apache Sunset/Southwest Sunset”) that redirects either name entry. Kind of like how pen retailers list “Nahvalur/Narwhal” as a brand name. No idea if that’s feasible for the database, but I appreciate your considering it!