Budapest Group Buy: Ink sample vials

Hello everyone! I’m always on the search for a good quality plastic vial that are also cheap so I can send samples to my friends! The problem is that Chinese vials, while inexpensive, can be quite inconsistent and most of the time they will leak ink!

The best bang for buck for a long time were 5 ml vials on e-Bay from China with an o-ring to reduce the chance of leaking! It comes out to be 0.11$/piece.

While browsing for lab supplies I found 4 ml plastic vials that are 0.06$/piece (19 HUF) so half as much as the Chinese on eBay and they can be bought right here in Budapest! The catch is that the minimum order quantity is 2000 pieces!

Myself and @danielb can handle 500 pieces each, but we’re still looking for others for the remaining 1000 pieces! I’m posting this in hopes of gathering enough pledges so that we can purchase the minimum 2000 pieces! Since it’s sold by a company specializing in laboratory equipment (I already bought excellent quality glassware from them for ink making) I assume that these vials are equal or better quality than the Chinese ones.

Here’s the link to the vial if you would like to check it out!

Shipping is 1500 Ft which will be divided among all who participate in the group buy! I’ll personally hand over the vials at a Pen Meet or at a Metro Station like Kálvin tér, or Deák Ferenc tér.

@pennonia 500 vials = 9500 Ft
@danielb 500 vials = 9500 Ft
@Kym 100 vials = 1900 Ft
@mor_dor 100 vials = 1900 Ft
@petrisz 100 vials = 1900 Ft

Remaining 700 vials = 11688 Ft

Even if you can pledge only 100 vials that will also help greatly! Thank you! :smiley:


Oh, that’s perfect timing! I’m signing up for 100 vials. That would cover me for ages :slight_smile:

I really like that these will be local, so carbon footprint is smaller due to no long distance dispatch.

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Great! I added you to the top post! 900 vials to go :smiley:

I would like to buy 100 vials as well. :slight_smile:
Should be enough for a long time…

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Great! Added you to the list :smiley: 800 vials to go :smiley:

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Sounds insane but I take 100 vials. I think I’ll be OK until the zombi apocalypse comes :slight_smile: I live in NL and will visit Budapest no later than Christmas. Can you store them for me until then? I can pay by wire transfer.

P.S.: Please let me know when you wish to make your own ink but can buy antifungal liquid wholesale only and need someone to buy 4.000 liter of industrial antifungal :smiley:


Great! I added you to the top post. Storing it isn’t a problem :smiley: I’ll also let you know about the the anti fungal liquid :stuck_out_tongue: luckily the current company I’m starting to work with sells them in small quantities as well!

What is the status on this? Has it been already ordered, or we are waiting until every vial is pledged?

Not ordered. I’m still waiting for some pledges.