Colorverse Ink Bottles

Colorverse comes with two bottles; one tiny and one large and sometimes they have the same ink in them. What is the point of the tiny bottle? Last time I filled up from one of the tiny bottles the nib was too long so I stuck the converter in the bottle to fill it. And, when a color comes in both bottles I simply pour the tiny bottle into the large bottle.

Not sure who said this, but someone told me the point could be that it’s easier to swap ink “samples” with your friends. I did this with my friend, this way we have a new ink and in a fun tiny bottle not in a sample vial. :slight_smile:
Other than this, not sure what the reason could be.

That sounds like a good reason. And also, the sets with two different inks give you a sample of a different ink for future reference.

I just watched a video from Azizah (Gourmet pens) a few days back, and she mentioned that the little one is for traveling. I guess that’s the official reason, but I can’t see myself taking such a bottle with me, so I’m gonna stick with my version :smiley:

If the small bottle is for traveling you could only go around the block.