Contact each other in FountainpenCompanion

I would love to trade inks. Is there a way to contact other members in the FountainpenCompanion site?


that’s something I wanted to add, but haven’t gotten around, yet. Currently, the best place to find people is the PenAddict Slack, but there might also be other communities (reddit?) that might be open to trading.

Couldn’t you just reach out here in the forums? Might even work out better. Could have an ink trading thread for the US for example.

I tried the forums. I’ve tried Reddit, here, and Fountainpennetwork.

People list the inks they have for public viewing. If I find someone who has an ink I’d like to sample, I could just ask them.

I’m looking for a Sample of Colorverse Supernatural and Adobe. Along with samples of Colorverse limited editions.

If you are in the UK there is a very active community on Facebook with a Buy, Sell, Trade group. I use that when looking for samples