Currently inked vanishing point nib units

how do people track their pilot vanishing point nib units for currently inked / usage? I have 2 pilot decimos and 6 nib units of various colors and sizes, do I add 12 “pens” to cover all the combinations? or just track them by the nib units only? I’d love to be able to select both the body and the nib units separately, but since that doesn’t seem to be a feature right now, how are you guys handling this … issue? I can’t think of any good ideas …

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Yes, that’s a feature that is not fully implemented. However, as I switch nibs a lot as well, part of it is there: You can edit the “nib” field on a pen and it will only affect active currently inked entries. Those (for the same pen) that have been archived will keep the old nib. It’s a bit clumsy that you have to update the nib on a pen all the time, but it does work.

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what about tacking that info in the comments field? i think that is tracked on a usage basis. you could (if that works) also track how the ink performs, paper, etc.

One entry per combo used. It doesn’t take that long to add one.