Delete an ink from my collection?

I accidentally added an ink to my collection, can i remove it instead of archiving it? I’d like to use the archive feature tk keep track of inks I’ve actually tested.

I thought i could delete it from the archive, but it turns out that just puts it back into my inventory!

Hi Laura,

you actually can delete it from the archive. I expect that the button (on the right) just isn’t visible. If you scroll horizontally, you should be able to see it. The design in that area isn’t all that great, sorry about that.

Hi ujh, i did find that delete button and tried it, but it just puts the ink back into my inventory.

Is it possible that you pressed the “unarchive” button instead? The actual delete button is the red one.

Screenshot 2024-05-13 at 08.20.32

Hi ujh, yes, the trash can is the one i pressed, only to find that those 5 mistake inks just went back into my ink collection.

What exactly happens when you click that button? For me, I get a “do you really want to delete this ink?” pop up, then the ink gets deleted and I end up on the archive page again with this message:

Hi ujh,
Yes, that waa exactly the sequence of messages i got for each of the 5 i did it to. I’m going to go try again today, double check that it wasn’t a glitch, I’ll report back shortly.

Woo hoo!
Today, it worked. I deleted the 5 error inks and when i searched or scrolled, they hadn’t reappeared back in my collection.
Thanks ujh!