Diamine german exclusive inks

where can they be purchased online in Europe ?
from time to time, one ink shows up on Amazon but it’s very expensive (for example, 10€ + 9,50€ for shipping fees).

i’m looking for “skull & roses” and “communication breakdown” for the moment.

Thanks !

Hi this is Barbara In New Zealand. I ordered Skull and Roses and others from www.fountainfeder.eu and was really pleased with the ink and the service. Shipping all the way to NZ was only $7.00EU so surely it would be less for you. Also I got Maureen and Christine from Cult Pens in the UK. And from Pure Pens in Wales a lovely ink called Alexandrite. All of these have a red sheen. Enjoy.

hi Barbara!
Thank you very much for your advice :smiley:
I got the mentioned inks at fountainfeder.
note: cultpens, as far as i know, don’t sell german market specific diamine inks (i’ve been seeking them from time to time but never saw them on their shop).
have a very good day!

Yeah, the German exclusive inks were commissioned by the German distributor of Diamine so you’ll only find them in German stores (like fountainfeder or Papier & Stift).

What Barbara probably meant was that Cultpens has their own lines of exclusive inks. Both the Iridescink line (super sheeners) and their Deep Dark ones.

hello ujh!
thanks for the second german retailer (which seems to be more expensive than Amazon btw). it’s always useful to check out a recommanded reseller :smile:

oh yes, i do like the cultpens special inks (mainly the deep dark collection).