Diamine November Rain (Germany exclusive) ink

A new Germany exclusive Diamine ink called November Rain is being released. You can already find it at Papier & Stift for pre-order.

I probably won’t get it myself as I’m not a fan of green inks with a strong red sheen as I’ve discovered with Walden Pond.

Looks like a nice green. :slight_smile:
But did I miss something, how is it that Diamine makes so many Germany exclusive inks? :smiley:

Oh, sheen! :smiley: I have a pen pal who is crazy about green inks, have to tell hi about it (I mean I’m sure he already knows about it, but still).
I wonder who do I have to contact to get a Hungarian exclusive :smiley:
I still have to get myself a bottle of Nitrogen, since I want to have the option to write with “liquid metal” :smiley:

I have a bottle of Nitrogen (and Walden Pond). I can send you a sample @dragorsi.

I’m not normally a green fan but that one attracts me.

I can answer this question finally. I asked Steffi from Fountainfeder. She said the German Diamine inks were commissioned by the German wholesaler/distributor SC Lucht.

They are also the main distributor for Sailor pens in Germany (and if I am reading the website correctly, also for Austria and Denmark (?)).

This makes the whole “exclusivity“ thing more understandable. It means that it’s not Diamine who decided to make inks for the German market, which was odd, but the inks were commissioned by a stationery distributor in Germany. That means they are exclusive to the company who commissioned them. Any German retailer who they supply can of course ship the inks anywhere they like.

@dragorsi, you asked on the latest FPC podcast episode about creating your own exclusive ink. The answer is you just have to get together with your buddies and commission an ink. Diamine offer the service, but I believe R&K do as well.

According to Nick Stewart though, it is not cheap to get your own ink made. SBRE Brown has done it too. So it is possible, but you need to get a large enough audience first.

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Thanks! But Dani already gave me samples :smiley: I’m currently testing the Walden pond, which I thought was a blue, but it’s a green?

One day, when I’m that rich I will get my dragon ink just for the heck of it :smiley: I’m not like Stephen, not a lot of people would care to buy an ink made for me :smiley: which is ok!

Will you bring the Walden on Saturday? In return I’ll have the November Rain with me. :slight_smile:

For sure! I’m curious about NR!