Episode 4 of the FPC podcast is out!

In episode 4 we talk about notebooks and Indian pens.

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Meant to ask, sorry if you answered this somewhere already. Who’s pen tray are you using as the bg picture for the avatar?

That’s mine @dragorsi!

Nice! :smiley: Will you post a walk-through of it? XD

That will be hard as I’m currently getting rid of ~ 50% of it. :wink:

More reason to do it :stuck_out_tongue: Once they are gone you won’t remember what you had XDDD (will be too painful to remember XD)

Finished the episode yesterday, was a good one!
I can also recommend Killing Eve, it is refreshingly intriguing.
About my notebooks. I don’t care for most, but that’s because I realized I’m a one notebook person (if I have one for every reason, which would make sense, I simply stop using them) and I’m currently trying to come up with the size I want to create an everyday carry with. I tried the passport size but it is too small, so I think I’ll get 3 regular midori sized taroko notebooks and make myself a fauxdori from them. Because ever since I started using my Franklin Covey TR notebook I realized I needed a 52 gsm notebook for everyday notes even. It is a luxury but I need it. :smiley: So all the other notebooks that I started will be get rid of (or used up if there are enough free pages) after I merge them into one.
But one day when my Hippo Noto will arrive, if it will arrive :sweat_smile: that I will use that in addition to the EDC notebook(s).

But I’m wondering what about journals? Because I want to have the option to read it back but I also need to make sure they will be destroyed upon my death. :sweat_smile:

Only one week after recording I switched up my setup again. :joy: Now I use a separate notebook for my journaling. I just had to use this Rhodia Heritage as it’s lined and shows all the glitter inks I use right now so much better than my Dingbats. Also because I can use broader nibs with 7mm lines than with 5mm dot grid.

I wonder how people stick to one method :sweat_smile: I always look for the perfect one :smiley:

That’s true. Half the fun is switching it up!

Haha not for me :rofl: I did this way too many times in my life already, I really just want that one system that works :sweat_smile:

Super fun episode. I really love the camraderie between all of you. Makes the podcast really unique and very fun.
Incidentally, there are very active pen communities in Taiwan and China, obviously they are NOT english based so therefore most people will not be able to get to these communities because of the language barrier. Pen BBS is one of the groups that you guys use their pens and inks from. They are the result of a very active community that is very much alive in China.

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Hey, it’s good to know there are other companies making fountain pen-friendly paper from recyclable paper! Here in Brazil there one, called Moleco, who does the same thing.

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