European fountain pen retailers and specialists


A list of European fountain pen specialists.

I thought it would be good to have a list of fountain pen and ink retailers in Europe. Online and in-person-only shops separated. I have listed them alphabetically by country, and added any information I knew about the shop. One important thing I believe is whether they test nibs before shipping and whether they offer tuning or grinding services.

Shops with online ordering

:de: Germany

:hungary: Hungary

  • BomoArt

    Mostly store brand paper, but they carry some pens and inks. Also carry Palomino pencils

  • Fiók

    General stationery, have Kaweco pens, and Midori and TN.

  • Tollak Boltja

    Has some good prices and rarer pens.

:netherlands: Netherlands

:uk: United Kingdom

:poland: Poland

:romania: Romania

:es: Spain

  • FPnibs

    Pablo Carrasco is a bonafide nib smith. He offers a wide range of custom grinds – pretty much anything you can imagine. He can also engrave nibs, and lacquer nibs in various colours. Pablo can also turn a modern gold JoWo nib into a very flexible nib (0.18-0.8) with excellent ink flow.

  • Iguanasell

    Fast UPS shipping included. 30-day nib exchange policy with free shipping.


So is Iguanasell considered as reliable seller? Can anyone confirm this?


In my experience Iguanasell are very reliable. I read their reviews on Amazon UK beforehand and they had top marks and very positive comments.

The only issue I had was that the pen did not ship in the expected time frame. Amazon sent me an email saying I should contact the seller to ask why. Iguana told me the pen needed to be restocked and would ship in about a week, which it did.

To be fair here, I had the same experience with The Writing Desk where the pen was not in stock and they did not inform me so I had to contact them after 10 days and ask what was up. I’ve had that issue with several pen sellers where they forgot to inform me of a delay. Once they shipped though everything went super fast.

I went beyond the 30 days return policy because I had trouble with my computer printer and couldn’t print the shipping label. They told me not to worry, and shipped the exchange pen the day after receiving my return. I received the package the next working day. It doesn’t get any faster than that and it’s because they use UPS.

Communication was good and I didn’t have to pay any additional shipping fees for the exchange. So as far as I’m concerned it doesn’t get any better. In my one-time experience very reliable and excellent customer service.

p.s. On the reliability/reputation issue, have a close look at the team photo on their website. You will notice two very familiar “FP community” faces.


You can add Seitz-Kreuznach to Germany :smiley:

and I’m shamelessly going to plug myself for Romania:

I tried to price everything competitively however I can’t yet compete with the big guys when it comes to keeping items in stock, so most of the stuff takes 2-3 days to ship until the distributors send the requested item to me. I can also check pens if you request it but otherwise I don’t do it.


Wow, thank you so much, @marcus! That’s pretty helpful information!