Experience with Santini pens


Do you have any experience with Santini pens? What is their quality? How good are their nibs?

Thanks in advance!

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They look pretty cool! I’d love to try one out :smiley:


There’s a video on Santini pens here:

Today I’ve been to Fontoplumo. The overall quality of these pens were great. The material of the resin pens is a bit “bland” and has not too much depth to it though they look nice.

The design of the Toscana resin pens are interesting with the two rings having slanted stripes, the long tapered end of the barrel, the broad clip band and that the cap groves are at the top of the section.

The Libra has a more traditional design but unlike the Toscana this one is a piston filler with a ratchet mechanism.

What makes all these an even more interesting value proposition is that these pens come with an in-house made gold nib. The nib is stiff but in a pleasant way. The nib variety is wide (EF-F-M-B but stub and flexy as well).

I had the chance to see some of the ebonite models as well. They look gorgeous and the price of €359 seems quite reasonable for a limited edition ebonite piston filler with a decent gold nib compared to other similar pens on the market. I’ve seen two faceted ebonite pens, the Michelangelo Classic seemed especially amazing and classy. The Nonagon Flamingo seems even more special. It’s not everyday you see a faceted ebonite pen with this pinkish/light brown ebonite pattern.

I’m really tempted to buy one of the Toscanas or ebonite special edition pens :smiley:

Thank you very much for information.
I agree, they are pretty good. I’d love to own one! :slight_smile: