Faber Castell Loom fun!

Hello! Been on here for a short time, but never posted anything before. Special gratitude to my dear friend Barbara in New Zealand who led me to the Fountain Pen Companion site…and is the reason I have a lovely new Faber Castell Loom! Got a question for you… I recently started a pen blog (nothing heavy; just fun pen posts and cynical rantings about other stuff) and want to put a link to it on my FPC account. Any idea how to do that?

Anyway, just got this new Loom from Cult Pens, shipped to me here in the USA (international shipping from them was AMAZINGLY good), and it’s my first real dip into the world of Broad nibs. I usually stick with Mediums and Stubs. Mine’s the chrome body and olive-green cap. I love how “rugged-looking” this thing is, and it’s currently got an FC Olive Green ink cartridge in it. It didn’t come with a converter, but I just happened to have an international standard converter from Goulet Pens lying around I’d never used, so all’s good there. Funny how that worked out. Amazed at how smoothly that pen writes.

Thanks to FPC for this lovely website. Stay Safe!

John in Missouri


Hi John,

adding a link is pretty easy. You can use what’s called Markdown in your profile. See this page for how to add a link. You basically put the text that the link should appear under in square brackets and then the actual link in parentheses right after it.

As to the Loom: I love the nib and how it feels when using it. I’m not the biggest fan of how it looks though. BTW, did you know that you can put the bit of the Loom into the TWSBI Go? Now I have a nice writing experience and a pen that I like looking at a bit more. :wink:


@JohnEdgar Hi John, welcome to the forum.

I like the Loom nib very much and how firm the cap is + I love that Faber-Castel DNA present in all their pens. However for me the section of the Loom is uncomfortably slippery. I’m thinking about checking out the Hexo instead. Thanks @ujh for the TWSBI Go suggestion. Do you know whether the Hexo nib and the Loom nib is compatible? On the photos I see that the Hexo nib has a breathing hole but I have no idea if the housing is the same…

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I don’t own a Hexo, but my best guess would be that it’s the same nib as the one in the Grip. That one might fit in the Go as well, but I haven’t tried it. And that is because it fits in the Eco, which I prefer over the Go. Interestingly the Loom nib is too loose in the Eco … the moral of the story is that you just have to try all combinations until one works. :wink:


Thank you folks for the helpful information! I was able to update my profile with your helpful instructions. I sincerely appreciate the kind help. :smile: I was not aware that TWSBI Go nibs would fit in a Loom! Interesting!

In the weekend I’ve checked out the Hexo. The nib is a bit recessed into the section therefore visually it seems smaller. Looks a bit weird compared to the Loom but your eyes can get used to it I guess. The section feels as if it was covered with silicone rubber and having an anti-slip coating. It feels secure and since the surface is not 100% hard, it feels even more comfortable. The pen is very light thanks to its aluminum body.

Actually, it’s the other way around. The Loom nib fits into the Go. Maybe it also works the other way around, but I haven’t tried that.

Thanks for the update. My good friend Barbara in NZ on this site has told me that I need to get a TWSBI Go, so this is one more reason to experiment with one of those. I really appreciate the help, guys! :slight_smile:

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