Feature request: batch update multiple records

So I just swatched about 50 inks. Is there a way to select them all and mark them as swabbed in a single transaction, or do I have to edit each ink individually?

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Hi there,

it’s on the list to bring this back. Especially for the on/off style things like swabbed or used, but I haven’t gotten around to it. So for now, you’ll unfortunately will have to do it one by one.

You can also export inks change their attributes (at least libre office supports csv) and import. I’ve never tried it but should work

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Is “import” still equivalent to “ujh enters them by hand” or is there at least a backend batch option that exists?

Also, would importing them with different attributes actually work or would it just result in duplicate records, one with the update and one with the original value?

Ah, true. Yes the export would work, then change the attributes and I can update them for you. And no, I am not doing each one by hand. :wink: I can import a CSV file, it’s just too brittle and error prone to make it available to everyone.