Feature request: discover inks via hex code search

Sometimes I take the average-color hex code generated by FPC for an ink I’m using to websites like Adobe’s color wheel tool (https://color.adobe.com/create/color-wheel) to get a general idea of other colors that would go well with it from my collection. The Adobe tool can, for example, spit back the hex code of an exact complement.

I think it would be really cool if a user could take a hex code like that back to FPC to discover new inks in the FPC database or search their library for the closest ink color they own. That would be a really sweet way to use all the hex code data that’s been populated in the database by users.

Thanks for an awesome site!

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I have been thinking of adding something like this. I’ve postponed it a bit, as the data in FPC is a bit sketchy, but I guess it’s better than no data at all. :wink:

I can’t promise when I will get around to it, for now the best tool out there for this is https://inkswatch.com/.

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Thanks, I didn’t know about inkswatch!