Feature Request - Expanded fields in My Pens


First of all, thank you so much for providing this wonderful tool. I use fountainpencompanion.com every day. It’s so great to keep track of all my pens in an organized way.

I end up tracking a lot of info about each of my pens in the Comments field. For me, it would be nice to have more field options when adding new pens in the My Pens area. My suggestions:

-Year of manufacture
-Price bought / Price sold
-Country of origin
-Nib material
-Modifications/Repairs Done
-Photo upload

Thanks for listening!


Hi @EnnMaree,

I do agree that the available columns on the pens is pretty bare. I am however not sure when I’ll get around to adding more. If I had to choose myself, then the first one to add would be the photo upload. I am noticing that I sometimes have to look up pictures of a pen to remember which one is which. :laughing:


I would like to see a dry weight field (pen info) that gets brought into the inked pen page along with the weight when inked. that way usage can be tracked and remaining ink estimated. i currently use a card for this but it would make weekly pen updates pretty easy; weigh and enter the new value. you can then see how much the pen has been used since last recorded.

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It would be nice to add this feature to the ink section to attach a photo of the inked swatches and or the bottle.

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