Feature request: filters

Hi, esteemed developer Urban! I request filters to be added in two places.

First: filter by bottle/sample/cartridge/swatch. This would give additional flexibility if I wanted to search for an ink by name, but then apply a filter in case I have a sample and a bottle. (my tech brain says this would best be implemented globally, since there are only these four values).

Second: filter by tags. If a person tags by “shimmer” or “stored in bin 1” or “this was a gift”, it would be very useful to filter those.

Thanks for this application! I am grateful it exists!


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yes that is indeed missing. The whole search feature is super bare bones and a bit weird by what it returns. For now you’ll have to use your public page to do that. Better than nothing, but definitely not where I want it all to be.

As to the tags: Yes, that’s something that needs more love, too. :laughing: :see_no_evil:

I’ve added those to my ever growing list of things to work on. Not yet sure when I’ll get around to it, though.