Feature request: filters

Hi, esteemed developer Urban! I request filters to be added in two places.

First: filter by bottle/sample/cartridge/swatch. This would give additional flexibility if I wanted to search for an ink by name, but then apply a filter in case I have a sample and a bottle. (my tech brain says this would best be implemented globally, since there are only these four values).

Second: filter by tags. If a person tags by “shimmer” or “stored in bin 1” or “this was a gift”, it would be very useful to filter those.

Thanks for this application! I am grateful it exists!


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yes that is indeed missing. The whole search feature is super bare bones and a bit weird by what it returns. For now you’ll have to use your public page to do that. Better than nothing, but definitely not where I want it all to be.

As to the tags: Yes, that’s something that needs more love, too. :laughing: :see_no_evil:

I’ve added those to my ever growing list of things to work on. Not yet sure when I’ll get around to it, though.


I’d like to second this request. I’m not picky about how exactly the filtering is done, but being able to see a list of inks i have as bottles, or which shimmer inks i have, for instance, would be great!

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Today i discovered that if i go into the leaderboard and find my username, i can see which ink i have as bottles, samples, swabs, or cartridges! Very exciting.
I’d love to be able to limit the list to things like sheen, shimmer, and eventually on tags i create, so i can see which inks I’ve sent samples of to a friend, if i create a tag for that.
And someday a wish list would be dreamy. But I’m intrigued that i keep discovering features.

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