Feature Request: Ink Type = Swatch

Hello there! I hope I found the right place to make a feature request. It would be awesome to have a category of inks for those that I have swatched, but do not actually own. I swatched inks at a pen show and also have exchanged swatches with some pen friends and it would be nice to include a record of those in my FPC database!
Thanks for your consideration of this request,

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Interesting idea. I honestly would rather merge this with the proposed wishlist feature. Not really the same thing (you might not want the ink after swatching it :laughing: ), but maybe closer? I don’t know, yet!

Thanks for the suggestion, though.

Maybe you could add that as an ink sample, mark it as swatched and then mark it archived?

That was my initial reaction as well @petrisz and I tried it. The problem is that the archived inks are a separate list which cannot be shared with my pen friends and do not show up in my “collection” of inks when I am checking out if I have already swatched something. Having to check two places to see if I have a swatch is problematic at a pen show. A wishlist might work for this feature since I’m unlikely to use that for the “intended purpose”, but runs into the same problem of having two places to check in the somewhat chaotic environment.

@ujh ~ Perhaps a separate report that shows all the swatched inks associated with your profile would work? Then it would not matter the source, whether you wanted to add it to your collection or not, etc.

Hi there and sorry for the late reply, I was on holiday. :slight_smile:

A new ink type of “swab” is now available and you can filter by that in the public page as well.