Feature Request - list of books on pens

Hello! I have accumulated at 25 books on pens so far, and I think it would be nice to have a list/database for books,including short descriptions, so that collectors in this community may see what interesting books are out there.

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Great to see that you’re enjoying the site so much! For books I would assume that there are other services out there (goodreads for example) and you could like to a collection via your profile.

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Yes, I refer to my list of pens and inks almost every day. I also enjoy the dashboard pie charts, showing which brands dominate my collection!
I think that having a list here for books would be beneficial to other collectors, because most of these books are obscure, and do not show up in review sites like goodreads - they hardly even show up in online shops!!! Many of the books I have found were either second hand, or from private vendors, not major stores or chains.
But, I fully understand that you have limited bandwidth for new features.