Fountain Pens for Sale (Parker, Lamy, Hero)

I’m thinning out my pen collection and would like to sell the following pens:

Lamy Safari Dark Lilac EF - 30 USD / 8 500 HUF + shipping +Paypal fees
The pen is in an excellent condition and writes perfectly. I still have the original box it came in. I don’t have a converter for it but I’ll include a pack of cartridges from a limited edition color of your choosing (on a first come first serve basis) - Coral, Petrol, Pacific, Highlighter Yellow

Hero H718 F 10k gold nib - semi flex 50 USD / 14 000 HUF + shipping
The pen writes exceptionally well! It’s also heavy, probably could be used to maul someone to death. The nib has a healthy flex to it plus it’s an interesting design. Selling it because it’s sitting unused and I’m saving up for a Pelikan M800. The pen comes in a really cool box that includes an etui and some papers of authenticity.

I can send it to anywhere in the world but the Hungarian post is quite expensive :frowning: . I can also give it to you personally in Budapest.! Payment can be done through Paypal or personally.

The Hero H718 is super tempting. Unfortunately I’ve eaten up my pen budget for this month already.

The nib is really good on it. I was pleasantly surprised the whole pen.

I’m interested in the Parker and the Studio!

Lamy Studio SOLD

Parker Jotter and Lamy Logo gone.

I’ll get back to you next month. Maybe the pen is still available then. :slight_smile:

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Bump, the Lamy Safari and the Hero H718 are still available.

I’m updating the prices for these two pens.

and adding the following pens:

Pelikan M205 Duo Green, BB nib + bottle of ink (2-3 fills missing) [price 90 euro + 10 euro shipping)
Pilot Custom 74 Orange Demonstrator, 14k M nib [price 100 euro + 10 euro shipping)
Ferris Wheel Press fountain pen, M nib [price 90 euro + 10 euro shipping]

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