Franklin-Christoph Model 66 "Stabilis" - solid ice acrylic - two nib units

I’m thinking of selling my F-C 66 to free up funds for a Pelikan Streseman. Complete with converter, two nib units (M and Masuyama broad stub), Masuyama chop card and F-C leather pouch. Will take some pics tomorrow when the sun is out. Thinking €150 including shipping within Europe. If interested, msg me and we’ll figure it out. :slight_smile:


I am certainly interested. Looking forward to pictures :slight_smile:

I uploaded some pics here:

Let me know if you can’t see them…

I would be interested in a trade with a Pilot Capless/VP, M or B nib…

It comes with a converter too (not in pics).

Could see the pictures, the pen looks lovely. I do have a Capless for trade. It’s a light/grey silver version with M nib, in a good condition (bought less than a year ago, inked three times). I will upload pictures in the evening.

Do you know if the M is a real M or finer? I see some shops claim that the VP nibs are a full size finer than the designation, while others I’ve chatted with say that they are pretty similar to regular western sizes…

I would say it’s a typical japanese Medium. I’ll make some comparison with other pilot nibs I have and post here.

Thanks. I might need a B then, but I’d be happy to check out some pictures. :slight_smile:

Where from would you be shipping? I’m in Budapest :slight_smile:

Norway. Int’l shipping from here is crazy expensive, but I’ll cover part of the cost to make it a bit more reasonable.

Is the pen sold yet?

Hi! Yes, pen was sold. :slight_smile: