Fun with inkblots - Inktober 2018

Are any of you participating in Inktober?
The idea is to make something using ink. Typically a drawing, but I believe lettering or calligraphy count too.

I’m using fountain pen inks to create controlled inkblots then drawing faces, arms, legs etc to create characters out of the inkblots.

I hoped this would help me use up some inks, but it turns out you only need very little ink. Well, it’s fun anyway. Several people have said they will participate over in the forum, but I guess you could also post your inky works here.

Here’s my first attempt so you know what I’m talking about.

That does look fun @marcus!

I use a pipette. One of the plastic ones you get with ink samples sometimes. It blows the ink around without being too extreme. If you really want to make wild patterns use a can of compressed air. That’s what Stefan Bucher used for his dailymonster project. Check out the video below to see how he does it.

I’m doing it with a friend on my blog and Instagram. Unfortunately I don’t always have time so a friend of mine who can draw really well helps me out! :smiley: I introduced her to fountain pens and inks and she’s really into them.

This was Day 1

Very nice. Which ink? I used Visconti turquoise, but the colour changed when photographed.

It’s Rohrer & Klingner Helianthus.

I had to edit the scan so that it resembles the real color in the picture. It is actually drawn on ivory paper. Photos usually need to be edited too when it comes to color accuracy since with inks that’s important if you want to compare them on a screen.