Gorgeous Gift Pen

Because most of you live in Europe you may not be as thrilled as I am over this wonderful Pelikan M600 Vibrant Orange pen that my Brother just sent to me from the US. I am so thrilled!

I feel that anyone that owns a Pelikan pen is very lucky and my only one before has been an M200 and that is when I realized how well built they are and what a wonderful filling system it has. The nibs are easily changed for other sizes and when you match the pen with a Pelikan Edelstein ink it writes with perfect flow. My new Orange M600 has Edelstein Mandarin in it. I used to think that when Companies recommended you use their same ink in their pens I thought it was a sales ploy, but now after experience, I realize that companies develop their nibs and inks to work together and so if you are having trouble with a nib look at your ink choice.
Also other companies like Waterman have really safe ink and when having problems I always turn to a Waterman ink as I figure out issues with a pen. But I digress.

Tried to put a picture of the lovely two tone nib on here, but I am doing something wrong and so will not pursue the problem. It is a wonderful well made nib and along with this Special Edition pen I feel my pen collection has gained new stature. Our New Zealand Customs laws have just changed so I will not be able to buy anymore M600’s but feel everyone should have at least one in their collection. The size of the M600 is perfect for my medium size hands and I am not sure the cost of the M800 and M1000 are worth the higher cost to me. Also the M600 seems to have the most Special Editions


That’s a gorgeous pen Barbara. Some day I’ll also add one of the higher end Pelikans to my collection, but it’s probably going to be one of the standard line pens as the price difference between those and the special editions is pretty high here.


Thanks for your thoughts Urban. I do not think my Brother knew that it was a Special Edition I think that pretty orange was maybe the decision issue…but not sure. I too was considering one of the regular ones like a Blue or Red Stripe which I think is a beautiful pen. My nib is a medium and my M200 a Fine. But the Fine is rather like a Medium. Then one of our US online retailers did the M205 on Special with an extra Broad nib included and I did that as it was a good price. But as I mentioned before NZ Customs has ruined my overseas ordering now and so even a regular M600 may never happen. You are in Germany where these pens are made so maybe one day an M600 will fly in your door. We can always hope! :crazy_face:

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Congrats Barbara, very nice pen indeed. Enjoy your new acquisition :slight_smile: Those Pelikan nibs are fantastic, I adore mine too :slight_smile: