Henry David Thoreau Walden Blue

Hi guys, please tell me the best option how I could get this ink. Usa or Europe? Any suggestions? What is best worth?
I read the book and I think it´s awesome, and I´m keen on blueish green colour. Seems like a perfect match for me.

I was going to suggest http://fountainfeder.eu because that’s where I got mine, but they seem to be out. I could send you a sample though. It’s not the most well behaved ink because it’s so saturated (hard starts galore) so it’s maybe a good idea to try it before committing to a full bottle. Alternatively you could get Diamine November Rain which IMO is designed to be a well behaved Walden.

Thank you very much, I would like to have a sample, of course I do not wish it free of charge. But how could you send it to me? Or are you coming to the Budapest Pelikan hub? I have November Rain, I do like it a lot, but Walden has a more teal shade which I like too. But I´ve heard the bad news about it too, in regard the bad flow issues. However, thanks for the link of this shop, they have very nice collections and great shipping conditions.

Sorry for the delay! I somehow didn’t see the message. I live in Munich so I’m not coming to the Budapest Hub (sadly). Anyway, you send me a personal message with your address and I’ll send you a sample.

Thank you so much! Daniel told me, you two share mails, so maybe sometimes you could send him a sample of Walden, on the other hand he told me he can also bring me a sample next time we meet, so if you have only a little of this ink, you don´t have to send it to me.:smiley:

Ah yeah, I was about to send @danielb some pens anyway. So I’ll just include a sample of the ink. :slight_smile: Unless I forget of course. :wink:

Kind of you, thanks😃

OK, so I got a sample of Walden from Dani, and I have to say two things about it:
The colour is gorgeous, nothing to compare to it. I haven’t had any hard start issues in the Lamy Joy 1.1, it behaved well. But, and there is always a but: it smears like crazy also after a week on Herlitz (my book flex) paper, which is in my opinion a great paper for fountain pens. So I just can’t tolarete that this ink never really dries on this kind of paper. It’s a pity, and I am sad about it, because I write a lot and go through te written pages several times, and my fingers get stained and the lines look ugly and smeared. I’m so sorry for this, It could have been a lifetime partnership.

Yeah, that’s what I noticed as well. Maybe you should give Diamine November Rain a try? It’s supposedly a bit less sheeny but in the same color range (green with red sheen) and maybe it will smear less.

Thanks, I already have November rain (literally too, it´s raining now in Budapest), and I love it.

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