How to un-ink a pen but not archive it?

I have pens in my list that I have not inked, but once a pen is inked, there does not seem to be any way to note it as empty/cleaned but not archived.

I am treating the archive as the place to note when I have given away or sold a pen, not where my currently un-inked pens reside. And my never-inked pens are not in archive, but in the regular pen list.

Is there some way to note that a pen is un-inked in the pen list, rather than being archived?

Hope my question makes sense!

For inked/uninked you’re supposed to use the “currently inked” feature. This tracks that a pen is/was inked with a certain ink for a certain period of time. Once that entry is archived the pen becomes uninked again and you can do it again.

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Thank you so much for your reply! Unfortunately, that did not entirely work for me. I took a pen from my Currently Inked list, archived it, refreshed the page and then unarchived it. It just went back to my Currently Inked list with the same ink in it.
If I leave it archived, it is still in my Currently Inked list, with (archived) next to the pen brand. It also does not have the refill option in that view. But, if I archive it again from this list, it does go back to my pen list but not my inked list. So a double archive is needed? In any case, it works and I know what to do now.
Thanks again, this is a wonderful site!

The idea is to ignore stuff in the archive, apart from statistical purposes. So once it’s been archived and you want to ink up the pen again you just create a new entry, and so on. Then over time you’ll be able to see how often you’ve used a pen or an ink and you can go back and find your most used combinations, too. Although, that last one isn’t a feature in FPC, yet, and you would need to do it via Excel.

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If I understand correctly, there are multiple archives - one for pens, one for inks, and one for currently inked.

Archiving a “currently inked” entry is equivalent to uninking whether by writing it dry or cleaning it out. This should leave the pen available in your library for a new inking (that is, it should remain in the drop downs for selection when you re-ink).

Archiving a pen or ink (in the “my pens” or “my inks”) is equivalent to removing it from your library (selling, giving away, or if it’s ruined - any scenario where you won’t use it again). This will remove it from the drop downs in “currently inked”.

I hope this is helpful. Please feel free to correct me if I’m wrong.