Ink: Looking for Soft Kitty Warm Kitty by Robert Oster

This Robert Oster/Endless Pens shade is sold out. I’m hoping to trade for a sample or bottle. Would also buy a bottle.

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I’m also looking for someone selling this bottle. So if there happens to be two people who don’t like it and want to sell then please let us know. :grin:

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I had luck on the Pen Addict #sell-trade Slack. Should be getting a bottle with only about 2oz or less of the ink used in the mail on Friday. :crossed_fingers:t3:

If you’re not on the Pen Addict slack, you can get an invitation to join by emailing hello (at) penaddict dot com or messaging Brad Dowdy on Twitter @dowdyism.


oh, cool! I just sent a request! Thank you for the info!