Interesting pen bodies

Hi Everybody!

I found, for me, interesting pen bodies, like cigar or sandglass, wiht interesting materials. A small manufactury makes them in Romania, the Penna.

The cigar body with tobacco:

A sandglass body with coffee beans:

On this website I found many interesting materials.
What do you think about bodies and materials?

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Very interesting! I would buy one but the section looks out of place with the bodies and prob a bit too slippy looking for me. Not sure what the price is in euro. Don’t like the overall shape of the coffee one but love the idea of the beans trapped in the resin.



Thank you for the reply.

Approximately 700 lej = 150 euro, 550 lej = 115


Looks interesting and it’s always nice to find something unique. These materials are so cool :sunglasses: And my favourite coffee is from Panama too :smiley: Don’t like the section though for the same reasons as @Orla .

I think that’s a fair price. But section would just need improvement for me.

Yes, @Orla! I agrre. I would like to buy one, but I’d like to see personally, and I have a plan to make a suitable section for me. :slight_smile:

The coffee beans material itself is interesting but for me the final product is severely lacking. Weirdly it looks like a kit pen, that grip looks slippery and uncomfortable. It also looks really back weighted to me…but hey to each his own! Someone will enjoy these!


Yes! I was going to say the same. It looks very kit penish with that tiny metal section and huge body. Definitely not my style of pen.

Yes, it looks very kit. I didn’t thing that, but it was repugnant for me. I agree with the grip problems.
I’d like to have a wood pen, but not this :slight_smile: . And I’d like to try, before I will buy anything!

I just received a 3D printed piston filler pen - the Titan made by William Shakour. The body is very interesting and lightweight. It writes beautifully. I first learned about William from an SBREBrown YouTube review and ordered two pens via Instagram chat @Williamshakour
I ordered in 2019 and just received one fountain pen and one dip pen in custom colors.