Is anyone hoping to sell some pens?


I am in the mood for a new pen but don’t know what I’d like. Is anyone selling anything?
I currently have a Dens pen custom pen (takes any size 6 bock nib) a Kaweco stainless steel m nib and a kaweco special also medium nib for sale/ trade.

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I have a load of random cheap stuff for sale/trade. I haven’t listed any nib choices as I have so many to choose from:

Decent (left to right):

  • Lamy Vista
  • TWSBI Eco clear (a bit stained by Baystate Blue)
  • TWSBI Go clear
  • 2x Faber-Castell Grip (pink and turquoise, F and M nibs)
  • Faber-Castell Loom
  • Kaweco Student 70’s soul
  • FPR Triveni
  • Ranga Model 4
  • Kaweco AL Sport night edition (F nib)

Super cheap (left to right):

  • 2x Moonman Wancai (pink crushed ice, greenish tinted translucent)
  • 3x Pilot Parallel (1.5, 2.4, 6.0 with DIY grind)
  • Parker Jotter FP
  • Moonman F1 (Rouge et Noir copy)
  • Moonman M600s
  • Moonman 80s Mini
  • Moonman M2
  • PenBBS 322
  • Jinhao 85
  • Jinhao 992
  • Delike New Moon (v2)
  • Lanbitou 3059
  • Lecai eyedropper (takes #5 nibs)
  • Hero 565

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What nib is on your FPR? There is a lot of pens I had at one stage on my wish list, but unfortunately I have got them over time. I have two FPR himalaya with the ultra flex nib. It’s fantastic! The best non-gold non-vintage flex nib I’ve tried so far. Way better than noodlers or Conklin flex nibs.

Ha ha, yeah. I was just never diligent enough to sell or give them all away. I have kept my FPR flex and ultra flex nibs (they now live in PenBBS pens) and there’s only a Chinese M nib in this one. It’s not the best pen anyway, it leaks when eyedroppered and it definitely can’t keep up with a flex nib. Probably not something you should buy. :slight_smile:

The only one I want to draw attention to is the Moonman M600s (Parker Duofold copy). It comes with a fpnibs medium cursive italic. It’s a pretty nice nib, but a bit too fine for me these days.

Oh! Do you remember what pens it will fit? I’ve been wanting to buy a anodised titianium nib from them but too much choice in nibs to know which thing to go for.

It’s a Jowo #6 so by name it will fit everything. However, I’ve bent it so that it fits the Moonman perfectly and now it doesn’t fit other Jowo nib units anymore. So, any Moonman type feed and probably Bock feeds as well as the Moonman ones fit Bock nibs pretty well, but no guarantees on that. So, the more I talk about it the less I can really recommend buying it. It’s a great nib though. :laughing:

If you want to go for a fancy Italian pen I’m selling a Leonardo Momento Grande in Dark Hawaii with Rhodium trim. It has a Broad steel Bock nib and a captured converter. It’s in new condition. they are about $295 USD new and I will sell it for $200 USD plus shipping. If you are interested I’ll post pictures. Congratulations on the expansion of your pen collection!

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