ISO Pelikan m200/m205 special editions in all colours

Please get in touch if you have a Pelikan m200 or m205 for sale in special edition colours , including smoky quarts, olivine, amethyst, aquamarine, ruby. Will consider any nib.


For what it’s worth I’ve seen at least two of those for sale on Facebook. Specifically in the groups “the Fountain Pen Network Buy/Sell Edition” and “The weekly virtual pen show”.

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@Orla Are you by any chance interested in an M400 white tortoise with a 14k ultra extra fine / needlepoint nib (grinded by Mike Masuyama)? My wife is thinking about selling hers and getting something else more suited her taste. She’s been using it for 3-4 years and it’s in excellent condition. I can send photos and writing sample should you be interested.

I’ve sent you a message :grin:

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Hi just thought I’d let you know that your post helped me to find the amethyst. It has arrived from USA. It is a good bit darker than I’d have expected. Thanks…still hopeful for an aquamarine.

Orla, That’s great! Enjoy!