Issues after site upgrade

Hi all,

I upgraded the site this weekend, and it seems there are some issues with the new version.

First of all, all the posts and images are there, nothing got lost, and there are backups of everything.
But it seems that some images are not shown in the posts.
I made some progress fixing this, but I’ll need more time to completely fix it.

Second, I noticed that while I think you can navigate directly to all or most posts, some categories, like Meetups, can’t be opened.

I try to fix both in the next couple of issues.

If you notice any other issues, please let me know!

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Some news, the Meetup category issues is caused by a plugin (Event Plugin).
The following two 3rd party plugins produce some warnings/errors in the logs:

I think I’ll have to remove these plugins, but since these are almost exclusively used in meetup posts, and those are not very frequent nowadays, and mostly created by me, I will remove them this weekend the earliest.
I try to find a way to fix the issues until then, since they are nice to have.

I think I can fix the issues with the pictures with some admin commands, but will experiment with those in the dev version a bit also.
I think only some images aren’t restored yet, and new uploads should be okay.

On the plus side I now have a dev version of, and can make a dev versions of the site in the future, so I think I will do so before future updates.
I also learned how do some admin tasks in the backend
On the negative side, it seems I can’t escape DevOps even in my hobbies. :smiley:

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