Januar Pen Meet - Budapest

Happy New Year everybody! :tada:

Please vote for the date of our first pen meet this year:

  • Jan. 18. (Friday) 18:00
  • Jan. 19. (Saturday) 14:00
  • Jan. 19. (Saturday) 18:00
  • Jan. 25. (Friday) 18:00
  • Jan. 26. (Saturday) 14:00
  • Jan. 26. (Saturday) 18:00

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We will most likely hold it at a new place, Mon Chéri this time, it has better lighting. :slight_smile:

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I almost forgot please bring the greeting cards for the other pen meets, if you made one. :slight_smile:

Mon Cheri during the day time would be even better :slight_smile: if a Saturday wins, i will certainly be there.

Guys, you have to decide which date will it be, I won’t be a tie breaker, both dates work for me :slight_smile:

26th of January might be good to me as well, I’m just not 100% sure.

So our next pen meet will be on Jan. 26, starting at 14:00 at Mon Chéri.
I hope a lot of you can join. :slight_smile:


Great. See you there :slight_smile:


I will be there too! :slight_smile:


Jó volt srácok, mint mindig, köszi! :smiley: