Jowo - Bock compatibility (Opus 88 nib swap)


Opus 88 Demonstrators come with a #6 Jowo nibs. Do you think that I can put a #6 Bock titanium nib into the Jowo nib housing? Would it work? Or would it just “sort of” fit causing the nib to run too dry or have significant nib creep or something unpleasant like that?

Thanks for your help.


I’ve been able to put Jowo nibs into Bock housings and PenBBS ones. I was also able to put a Bock nib into a PenBBS housing so I would assume that this would work. I’ve also seen people put Ti nibs into the TWSBI Vac 700 which IIRC uses Jowo nibs.

So in summary: Don’t be afraid to try it. That stuff is half the fun anyway. :slight_smile:


I was brave and ordered a Bock #6 Ti nib! :smile: I’ll do an update how things work out with the replacement nib. To tell you the truth I’m quite satisfied with the #6 JoWo F the Opus 88 Demonstrator comes with. (It’s almost perfect but it has a little more drag on the paper than I’d like it.) I’m just curious about Ti nib and IMHO the colour of the Ti nib would go better with the black clip than the shiny steel JoWo.

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