Jowo - Bock compatibility (Opus 88 nib swap)


Opus 88 Demonstrators come with a #6 Jowo nibs. Do you think that I can put a #6 Bock titanium nib into the Jowo nib housing? Would it work? Or would it just “sort of” fit causing the nib to run too dry or have significant nib creep or something unpleasant like that?

Thanks for your help.


I’ve been able to put Jowo nibs into Bock housings and PenBBS ones. I was also able to put a Bock nib into a PenBBS housing so I would assume that this would work. I’ve also seen people put Ti nibs into the TWSBI Vac 700 which IIRC uses Jowo nibs.

So in summary: Don’t be afraid to try it. That stuff is half the fun anyway. :slight_smile:


I was brave and ordered a Bock #6 Ti nib! :smile: I’ll do an update how things work out with the replacement nib. To tell you the truth I’m quite satisfied with the #6 JoWo F the Opus 88 Demonstrator comes with. (It’s almost perfect but it has a little more drag on the paper than I’d like it.) I’m just curious about Ti nib and IMHO the colour of the Ti nib would go better with the black clip than the shiny steel JoWo.

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Hi All,

The end result is a success though the road had some turns and bumps along the way.

First of all Bock does not sell their nibs directly to consumers so you need to order it from a reseller. Second of all you can buy the nib only with the feed and housing.

I’ve ordered my #6 Bock Ti <F> nib from Beaufort Ink from the UK :uk: for £56.29 (incl. VAT) + shipping. Thanks to the good people at PostNL my package was accidentally sent back without delivery at the exact time when Beaufort Ink was busy moving their shop to a totally different location so my nib got to see the English Channel and the countryside twice :slight_smile:
:warning: All this happened before :Brexit: (why is there no BREXIT emoji yet? :crazy_face:) so be careful with UK orders as the start of the Transition Period is imminent. Who knows how that will affect international shipping?

The Bock feed+housing does not fit the Opus 88 (no surprise here). However the Bock nib almost fits the Jowo feed+housing. The Bock nib is a bit more convex which means that there is a gap between the Jowo feed and the Bock nib. This gap is wide enough to seriously affect the capillary effect so that the tip and the tines of the Bock nib does not get ink. Not only it skips & hard starts, it basically does not write at all.

I asked Anabelle Hiller to use her nibmagic powers and make it work. Though I was present, I’m not sure what she exactly did. Nevertheless she had to use some hot water (around 40°C afair) to be able to gently bend the nib and the feed together.

:tada: All’s well that ends well. Now the Bock Ti nib works great with the Jowo feed in the Opus 88 Demonstrator. No skips, no hard starts, no railroading. I’m very happy with the result and it proves that a #6 Bock Ti nib can be fitted into the Opus 88 Demonstrator.

:warning: Disclaimer: Titanium nibs are rather soft and pseudo-flex than springy and truly flexible. It’s easier to spring a Ti nib than a steel or gold nib. Be careful when flexing a Ti nib.

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Looks really good! I’ve been thinking about getting a Titanium nib because of it’s slight flex but didn’t jump on it.

It looks really good in the Opus88 though, I’m really tempted to get that combo and try to make it work without access to a nibmeister :stuck_out_tongue:

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You also have the option to replace the nib of a pen that already comes with a standard Bock steel nib and Bock feed+housing. Even better: some of the Ranga pens can be ordered with a Bock Ti nib for a surcharge. E.g.: Bamboo (both the ebonite and the acrylic) or the Model 4, the Model 5, Model 9b, etc. If you have a bigger budget, Conids can be ordered with a Bock Ti nib as well.

Wow, thanks! I’ll have a look at them :smiley:

The smaller (either 076 or 180, I’m not sure which) fit into TWSBI 580s without any modification. That might also be an option.

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I’ve been thinking about the smaller version as well and I was wondering would there be a difference in performance between the different sizes?

I put a Franklin-Christoph HP Steel EF flex nib in my Opus 88 Omar. It’s a Jowo nib unit so it’s completely compatible and works well.

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Hi @photonicpenguin and welcome to the FPC community. This sounds interesting. If you have some time, would you please post some photos on the results?

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I don’t think there’s much to show @petrisz. The Opus 88 Omar and Koloro Demo use Jowo nib units so you just need to move the tiny o-ring from the one unit to the next and you’re done.

Note that the Bela and Flow use Bock nibs. Not sure what the Flora uses.

Thanks for the topic ! Peter’s pen looks pretty good!

I have a plant: I would like to make own pen. :slight_smile: So, I’d like to exchange an Iridium Point Germany nib for a Kanwrite ulrta flex nib. I do not know, it will be works or not. My Kanwrite nibs now in India due to COVID-19. :smiley:

Hi, This sounds like an interesting idea. I’d suggest research the topic, ask people who are knowledgeable in nib tuning and give it a go. It’s possible that you can do this yourself and gain some experience in the process. Be careful especially with a flex nib because you can ruin it. You can also contact a nibmeister to do this for you.

Thank you very much Peter! I’ll see! :slight_smile:

I’ve put FPR Flex and Ultraflex nibs into PenBBS pens. I assume they’re made by Kanwrite as they look exactly the same. I think you should just give it a go once you have them. The big thing to be careful about it the cap clearance as the nibs maybe longer than the original nibs and not fit into the cap.

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Thank you @ujh!
Yes, I know about PenBBS, but nowadays I do not have a PenBBS. :slight_smile: So, when I will get the nib, I’d put in my Noodler’s Ahab, with would be good, but I don’t like my Ahab, because I can’t draw the converter, the converter jams! :frowning: Thank you I’ll see! :smiley: