June Pen Meet - Budapest

Hi everbody,

Please vote for the date of our next pen meet:

  • Jun. 21. (Friday) 18:00
  • Jun. 22. (Saturday) 14:00
  • Jun. 22. (Saturday) 18:00
  • Jun. 28. (Friday) 18:00
  • Jun. 29. (Saturday) 14:00
  • Jun. 29. (Saturday) 18:00

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Special guest of June meet up - Platinum Prime Silver :smiley:


Hi Guys,
I won’t vote, because I am not available on those days is Budapest due to other schedules.
I apologize, see you next time in July.

I won’t be able to make it either, but have fun you guys! Eat an ice cream for me hehe

Sorry to hear that both of you can’t come, I hope you can make it to the next one! :slight_smile:

It looks like if we meet, it’s not going to be this Saturday, right?

Yes, I think it will be most likely the 29th. But I’ll leave the vote open for a couple of day longer.

I closed the vote, we’ll have our next meet on Saturday the 29th, at 14:00.
I reserver a table tomorrow, and let you know where we’ll meet.
I try to reserve a seat at Magvető again, I hope they won’t have an event then there :smiley:

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I could reserve a table at Magvető, see you all there Saturday! :slight_smile:


I’m really sorry, I can’t make it tomorrow (change of plans). I hope I can go next time. Have fun and shoot some pictures! :slight_smile:

I really hope you can come next time, but also, this was not the best meet to skip :smiley:
There was a lot of serious equipment, and a lot of things happened. :slight_smile:
The people from Shirokuma shop came, and showed us some of their stuff, and said that, by the way, they can get a lot of stuff from Japan. :smiley:
I’ve taken some (not that great) pictures:


Oh nooo… sobs
I was miserable since I knew I couldn’t make it, and now I feel even more miserable… :scream:
But I’m glad that the meet was successful, and I hope I can go next time. These pictures tell a lot, so thank you! :slight_smile:

We need a group photo of all our Nakayas

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You shouldn’t feel miserable because of this, there is always next time :slight_smile:

That sounds like a plan!