Keep track of inks in a group setting

Hi All,

Just created an account to check if this tool would fit my “needs” and I think it does.
There is just 1 thing that I would love to see, a friendlist / group option so you can keep track of inks with multiple friends. Or did I miss this option?


The Facebook of inks and pens. :wink: That is something I have thought about, but I haven’t really gotten around to it. It would certainly be great to see what our friends added, or used. Sadly, my time for FPC is limited and I cannot really tell when I will get around to it.


Understandable!! I understand this is a passion project! Is there something users can do to help?

At this point there isn’t (yet!) much that users can do. The things that would help the rest of the users would be:

  1. Add a color to an ink you own that doesn’t have a color, yet. That will get transferred to everyone.
  2. Go through the list of inks without reviews and add some, if you can find the somewhere on the internet.
  3. If you see any mistake, e.g. two separate inks being grouped together or two inks that should be grouped together, report it! I am striving to have this all be correct, but mistakes happen.


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The new format doesn’t permit edits. Am I missing some instruction? Thanks.

Ignore previous post. The typeface pushed me off the full screen. Thanks.

No worries. The way that tables are now wider than they were before and that it is also less obvious when they are wider than the screen is something we’re aware of. It might get fixed at some point. Some day I want to have something better for smaller screens, in general.