Kingdom Note x Sailor Vegetable Series Pro Gear Slim Release



Thank you for the heads up! Unfortunately I have to pass this one. :frowning:


it’s not that pretty anyway XD


I quite like it though. :slight_smile: This was the one that caught my attention the first time from this series. But right now I don’t have the funds for it, and likely it will be gone by the time I can afford it… Well, I’m glad that I bought the pumpkin one at least.
And I have too much pens already anyway. xD


I just tried to make you feel better :smiley: I kinda like the color combo as ell and carrots were always one of my favorite vegetables :smiley: but I’m still hoping for sth cool for later this year :smiley:


Thank you, I’m trying to cheer myself up about this too… :"D
I’m sure that lots of cool pens will come, it seems that there are new colours every month. The trick is to find out in which store. xD


Hopefully by the time you can afford it, it will be still available! :slight_smile:
Yep, and to hope they won’t sell out in a second :sweat_smile: