Kingdom Note x Sailor Vegetable Series Pro Gear Slim Release


Kingdom Note announced that they will release their vegetable themed Sailor Pro Gear Slims.
With the help of @mor_dor I translated the names and release dates. Here is a search to look which can still be bought.



June: 万願寺とうがらし - Manganji tougarashi (hot pepper)


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July: 鹿ケ谷かぼちゃ - Shishigatani (pumpkin)



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August: 桂うり - Katsura uri (pumpkin)



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September: 賀茂ナス - Kamonasu (eggplant)



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October: 丹波まつたけ - Tamba Matsutake (mushroom)



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November: 京てまり - Kyou temari (tomato)



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December: 聖護院かぶら - Shougoin kabura (white carrot)



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January: 金時にんじん - Kintoki ninjin (carrot)



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February: 九条ねぎ - Kujou negi (onion)




March: 伏見はなな - Fushimi hanana (mustard)



April: 白子たけのこ - Shirako takenoko (white bamboo sprout)



May: 桃山みょうが - Momoyama myouga (ginger)




The first one now available on the Japanese Amazon: Manganji Tougarashi


It disappeared from, I only see the ink on there, because of course there will be a new ink released with every pen! :smiley:
But KN put up a site for the pen and ink as well.
And here are the direct links to the pen, and ink.


Maybe it has already sold out? This morning it was still available. I saw the pen on Rakuten as well, but it might be sold out there too, given how limited this edition is…


Maybe it was pulled. Some items are priced algorithmically on Amazon, and they have crazy low prices sometimes, for a short time, maybe they also put and pull things automatically also.
But they have it still in stock on the KN site, if the quantity selector is to be believed they have couple of tens of the pen left.


Shishigatani Kabocha is available on the Japanese Amazon and in Kingdom Note’s webshop. Sadly neither of them delivers overseas, but I secured my pen with the help of a friend. Now I only have to wait a bit longer than one month to actually receive it. :slight_smile:

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This reminds me, how far ahead Sailor announces special editions? I mean if a pen is gonna be released in next year (August XD) how soon will they start talking about it?


I will be really curious to see it in person :slight_smile:
I looked at the new re-releases and there are still quite a few of them left, I would have expected they will sell out quickly.


Good question, I don’t think you get much of an advanced notice on them :slight_smile:


One or two months in advance, tops. Except for the Kyoyasai, but that’s mainly because it’s a re-release with some new additions, and those are kept secret until the release date. And there are the store-only limited editions, they are not really announced per se, most specialty stores doesn’t have any (functional) website either. So your best bet is to follow the Instagram profiles of those shops who have one, keep your eyes open on Reddit and FPN, or simply make a list of Japanese specialty shops and visit them personally while you’re there (I presume that’s why you are asking this :slight_smile: you or a friend will visit?).


Me too. xD I wonder if the resin is any different than on the other models.
I think this time they released more of them, since the hype was so big a few years ago. What surprises me most that there are already second hand (中古) ones for sale.


I think that’s from the original release. It looks a bit different then the new ones, maybe it’s just the photo, or maybe they changed the colors a bit.
How do you mean the resin is different?


Okay, I should’ve check it out at their website before saying dumb things, but here’s what I learned:

“Normal” (as in not limited) editions are made of resin, most limited editions (like Shiki Oriori, Realo models, and the Kyoyasai as well) are made of PMMA (polymethyl methacrylate). Since I only have LE’s, this one will be no different from my other pens.

I don’t think they’re from the original release. If they were they would’ve been around before the re-release on other platforms, and they would be more expensive. I think the color difference is deliberate to help identify new and used pens of the same model. They might have been bought then tested, and after the customer returned it to the store they began to sell it again, this time at a lower price because they were inked once.


Yep, a pen pal of mine plans to visit next August and offered to get me one if he could. And since Sailor confuses the heck out of me (too many store special options etc) I was wonder how much time I’ll have to gather useful information. :smiley:


Yes that’s what I meant :slight_smile: There is a daily second hand pen sale (for example today offer), and I saw it there first.


Sailor announces some of the limited pens they make on this site.
For example they have announced a new store exclusive, which looks pretty nice :slight_smile: :


I’s nice indeed! Thanks for the link. :slight_smile:


August’s model is coming on the 21th:


Ahhhh… Wrong August!! :frowning:


@mor_dor KN released the carrot one! :tada: