Krishna Fountain Pen Inks

I Just acquired 3 (small) bottles of Krishna ink: Goldfish Gold (which I haven’t used), Azalea, and Sea-&-Storm.
The Azalea was used in a Platinum #3776 with a medium nib. The swab looked like a medium-dark red with a hint of blue. When used with the medium nib is was a bright red. Ink flow and drying times were all good. The Sea-&-Storm swab kooks sort of purple but when used in a Platinum #3776 Kumpoo and a fine nib the lines looked almost black unless you look through a magnifying glass, then you could see the color. Again, the ink flow and drying times were all good. I’m not sure I would buy these again simply because there are other inks out there I haven’t tried, but I would recommend them.

At some point I have to try Krishna inks as well. @danielb always wins them it seems. :wink: Instead I did get quite a few samples from @Inkantadora and someone else. Especially the three J. Herbin glitter inks are gorgeous and now I have them all at least in sample form!

The Cornaline looks nice. I’m searching for an orange or burnt orange with enough contrast so you can read it easily.

Have you tried Graf von Faber-Castell’s Burnt orange? I would recommend Habanero as well if you can deal with the drying time. :sweat_smile:

I have 2 bottles, Moonview and Vaikhari. I love them both. Moonview is a nice blue with pink sheen, while Vaikhari is brown with a gorgeous green sheen.
I tried Jungle Volcano as well, thanks to @danielb but my experience with that wasn’t that good. At first I didn’t even like the color (but it grew on me), than I couldn’t reproduce the amount of sheen you’re supposed to get it from, not even on TR paper, and it was a pain to clean it out.
Not sure about cleaning the other two because they’re in my pens for the first time.

@dragorsi, is Habanero Noodler’s? I avoid Noodler’s. That way I don’t have to figure out which ones are safe and which are not.

I’ve never tried any Faber-Castell inks yet. Are they dry or well lubricated inks? Can you compare them to any other brands?

Yeah it is Noodler’s but it is a safe one. But I understand the hesitation, I share it with most of his inks.

For me they feel just a tad bit drier than Diamine, but maybe I’m just imagining things :smiley: Gonna test it if no one else has a more confident answer. My only problem with the GvFC inks is the price. :smiley: but the ones I tried are well behaving inks, I especially love electric pink and the aforementioned orange which I own a bottle. I can send you a sample if you’d like to try it. :slight_smile:

Thanks, how does the GvFC compare to: Iroshizuku Fuyu-gaki, MB Lucky orange and Herbin’s Burmese Indian Orange? Those are the ones I know. Herbin is the only one I have a bottle of because it’s more affordable :wink:.

I only have the J. Herbin, so can’t say anything about the others. The Burned Orange is more darker and reddish. Not the best picture, but hopefully you can see enough.

Thanks, your sample shows how much redder the GvFC is — maybe too red for me. I’ve been testing the Herbin Indian Orange. It doesn’t have enough contrast for me.

Hmm, I guess that’s just a property of orange inks. If you want more contrast it goes red. Otherwise towards the yellow and has low contrast.

It is redder, but not as much redder as the picture shows. It is still orange, more orange/less red than Habanero. I agree the IO has not enough shading in comparison.