Lamy Candy Mango Fountain Pen

I just received this Lamy Mango pen and it is a lovely colour and with the Broad nib writes really well. Ink is the Sailor Manyo Yamabuki and is a perfect match. Not too dry that is why I bought the Broad nib to be sure there was decent flow. The notebook is Rhodia Goal Book and the lilac colour with the orange band is really wonderful, The notebook has dot grid paper and three ribbons and a pen loop as well… The layout is perfect for an annual diary and the whole package is really rather wonderful. Would make a lovely gift for someone as well. Only negative is that the pen body feels more like plastic and is quite light but overall not a problem. Also the clip matches the pen body and is a very nice touch. I am really pleased with this. I bought it all from Cult Pens with free shipping and they are excellent. .


Looks pretty. I like this one of the 2020 bunch the best :slight_smile: I tried to convince my younger daughter to have it as she likes Safaris, but she chose not to. She doesn’t hoard pens like his father :laughing: The pen goes nicely with the ink and the notebook. That purple and orange reminds me a bit of the colours of Tibetan monk’s robes :slight_smile: Thanks for sharing. I’ll keep that Sailor ink in mind.