Lanbitou 3059 review

A friend of mine lent me a Lanbitou 3059 so that I can try it out.
This is a €3 cheap piston filler demonstrator with a transparent feed and hooded nib. The pen is “very heavily inspired” by TWSBI Eco however its piston mechanism seems less solid and the pen has more of a cheap feel to it. The dimensions are almost exactly the same as the Eco.

I really like that the feed is transparent and the hooded nib design. The nib is quite decent and rather smooth. It’s much better than those scratchy Platinum Preppys in the same price category. It seems that I’ve been lucky with this nib because according to other reviews the nib quality is not consistent and the tines may need adjusting. Though the nib is hooded, it does have a little give so you can make some thicker strokes (F --> M). The nib is medium-dry and the feed seem to keep up well. Reverse writing is not possible, the nib just doesn’t deliver ink to the paper upside down.

I’ve used Akkerman Delftsblauw for this test which is a very well-behaving ink that flows really well. I wrote an A5 page full and haven’t experienced any flow-issues or feed starvation.

The section is faceted which forces a certain grip. While I’m quite happy with our Safaris, I don’t like the section of the Lanbitou 3059. It’s thinner and my fingers get cramped. It’s really uncomfortable for me for longer writing sessions.

Pros & cons:
:heavy_plus_sign: amazing value for money
:heavy_plus_sign: piston filler, big ink capacity
:heavy_plus_sign: hooded nib design
:heavy_plus_sign: decent nib quality for its price
:heavy_minus_sign: tines may need some adjustment which can be challenging with a hooded nib
:heavy_minus_sign: this faceted section is too thin for me
:heavy_minus_sign: TWSBI Eco knock-off

Cheap plastics and wobbly build quality could be considered a minus but for €3 it would be unfair to complain about it.


I have the one with the Lamy style nib. As there’s no purple Eco I felt OK to get one. :slight_smile: My main issue with it is that the cap isn’t well sealed so it dries out quickly.

Peter this review was so well done. I have never heard of this pen and since I am a big Platinum user of course I use the Platinum Preppy. I have many of them but prefer the Blue, Black and Red Preppy’s because they have medium nibs as I am not fond of the fine nib. I also like the Preppy because there is a Platinum adapter that can be used for International cartridges and if I am not mistaken maybe an Intl converter as well. I have not had any scratchy nibs on the Preppy and like that I can swap nibs with the Platinum Plaisir as well. I use my Preppy’s for ink testing and also Platinum cartridges are some of the best quality out there I believe as well. Can be refilled with any ink and these cartridges last a long time.

Thanks for this review. Also I do not have any Twsbi’s either or Chinese pens which so many people have here in New Zealand because of costs of imports. By the way I love your quote. Being patient and waiting for things to happen in their own time is so important.

I can attest to this. The cap is not flimsy per se but you never get the feeling that you’ve properly screwed the cap to its place and the pen got sealed. The feed dries out. However after a couple of day I hadn’t got serious issues writing with the pen again.

Thanks Barbara! Maybe I was generalising too much. All the Preppies I’ve tried (blacks and blues) were toothy but you are right, that doesn’t mean they all are, and I’m happy that you have well performing Preppies. Given their price tag they are great pens and I like that they can be used as eyedroppers. Thanks for your input on the Plaisirs. I was avoiding them because I had the impression that they have the same nibs as the Preppies. (I’ve bought a Pilot Kakuno last year which is about the same price as the Plaisir and I was pleasantly surprised by the Kakuno nib.)

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Peter I am sure the reason I like my Plaisirs was that they came to me early in my Platinum Pen splurge of buying. I love the Aluminum body with all of the pretty colours (I have them all but the Black Mist) and most of mine have a smooth medium nib. Yes the Preppy and the Plaisir can be swapped and even though it is a small nib I really do not mind it. Now you will notice I have just added the Pelikan M600 to the Forum under Pens and the quality of that pen and nib is totally different both in quality and cost. But may I say that I just wrote with a Plaisir and if someone needs a good writer for no money…well the Plaisir is not a bad choice. I have the Balance and the Cool as well…and all equally good. But remember I am really biased towards Platinum! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
Thank you for always responding to me. I enjoy your posts and would love to see more of your doodles! :upside_down_face:

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