List of Custom Pen Makers

We need a resource somewhere of custom pen makers, it’s so hard to remember them all! I was thinking of making a list, would it be possible to add a resource section to FPN where such a list could be posted? @ujh

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adding a page to FPC somewhere under the community tab is easy to do. That I can do, someone will however have to provide the content for it.


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Okay, thank you! I have a list started and maybe others can post here the small makers they know of specifying what country and means of contacting them. I don’t mind compiling it. I will ask around in the groups that I am in as well. I can get back to you when it seems like we have a pretty good list! How does that sound Urban?

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Sounds good to me, we can do that. :slight_smile:

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Okay everyone post the small makers you know of here and I’ll add them to my list!

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Here’s an article with great list of 28 custom FP makers compiled in 2020. If you scroll down to the comments there are also many other recommendations to add to the list. This is a great idea…Thanks for doing this! 28 Of The Best Custom Pen Makers From Around The World (2020 Edition) - Galen Leather

Hi there!

I´m a custom pen maker and I would like to get added to the list.



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