Looking for a blue similar to




I’m looking for an ink that is similar to the blue dominant on Marc Chagall’s “Blue” Lovers painting:

Thanks for any suggestions in advance!



Maybe the infamous Noodler’s Baystate Blue?


As long as you are aware that Baystate blue possibly eats through concrete :wink:

I’m not sure, but I heard someone speculate that it may be an acrylic ink? Acrylic and shellac inks are not best buddies with fountain pens.

Most self-respecting pens start running like Pac-Man from ghosts when you reach for the Baystate blue.

Private Reserve make a very saturated royal blue like that. Can’t remember the name. Also not well behaved inks, but nothing like Baystate.


I have some inks that are somewhat, but not super similar. The problem is that for me that blue looks flat like chalk, so I have no idea what would match it :slight_smile:
Maybe J. Herbin Eclat de Saphir, or Papier Plume Forget Me Not Blue is the closest.


To me the Capri blue looks close. Shocking blue is definitely too dark.


Woww! Thanks @danielb!

For me maybe Papier Plume Forget Me Not Blue seems to be the closest. This is really hard to tell, there are so many variables like what the original colour was, how was it digitised and on the other end paper+ink combo vs your camera and also we all have different monitors and different light conditions and of course each of us perceive the colours a bit differently…


I agree the Forget Me Not Blue is also close. I thought that before, but there’s quite a difference in brightness. We don’t know the lighting conditions for the original painting either.

Next step is to get samples of the closest ones and compare them to the actual painting/print.


Maybe Diamine Asa Blue?


I think that leans more towards turquoise…