Looking for a pencil pouch

I’m looking for a nice way to carry a number of pencils (including Blackwings), a KUM long point sharpener, and an eraser.

There’s the Blackwing pencil pouch but I’d prefer something cheaper and look what I can across: A Rhodia pencil box! I’m not sure if I’ll be able to fit the sharpener though. Probably not, so maybe I should just stick with the Derwent pencil wrap that I already have? Any other things I should check out?

The cases by Eastpak are good. Very well made. I’ve been using the XL version. It costs a little more than the standard size but also holds a huge amount of stuff without deforming.

The three loops in the top can hold fountain pens you don’t want to get scratched in the main part of the case. There’s a divider which completely protects them. There are no “fiddly bits” in these cases. Everything is a useful size. Spare Lamy nibs and cartridges fit in the small zipper compartment but are still easy to access

Maybe the standard size is large enough for a few pencils, a sharpener and erasers.

I find the solid cases much easier to access than the floppy cases.

If it’s very low cost you are looking for then Clairefontaine make a zippered pouch for about €5-6. It’s good value. Given a choice though I would get the Eastpak. I’ve been using both.

Thanks! It looks very practical but somehow it reminds me too much of my school days. In general I’ve realised that I’m very hard to satisfy when it comes to carrying solutions. They need to look good (which is very personal) and also work.

I guess for the time being I’ll try the Derwent wrap and then see if I need something else.

I agree, the Derwent wrap is very good. I’ve been using two of them for a couple of years now. It’s tall enough to hold Tombow ABT brush pens, which are extraordinarily long, like Blackwings. I also store Tombow Mono 100s with protective caps in them, which makes Tombow pencils as tall as Blackwings.

The only problem I have found with the Derwent wraps is that pens and pencils will sometimes fall out. Or the tops will start poking out and scratch or mark other things.

Speaking of Derwent, have you seen their pencil case bag? It’s like a backpack with ringbinder clips holding removable storage inserts for pens and accessories. Amazing value and well made. I believe they increased the price because people were reviewing it and saying that it was underpriced :upside_down_face: (but I have to agree).

No, I haven’t see that! And I probably shouldn’t go looking for it either as I shouldn’t buy more stuff. In general I’m trying to reduce the amount of stuff I’m carrying every day so even that pencil pouch is a bit borderline. But then I reduced by daily carry from 3 to 1 notebook so maybe it’s not that bad. :wink: