Love This Conklin Pen!

I am new to this Forum and am now trying to share a pen. I have more Platinums than anything but decided to try a Conklin. This is an amazing pen for the price. Bought from Pen Chalet in US for 68.00 or 61.20US with their discount. This is the Conklin Duraflex 120th Anniversary Dark Blue with Rose Gold like trim. The nib is an Omni-flex and is long with what looks like fins on the side. It writes beautifully and I currently have Diamine’s Skull and Roses in it which as you know has a lovey red sheen when it dries. The nib is a firm flex which I like as firm nibs like the Platinum are my choice. The pen came with a small bottle of blue ink which was a nice addition. The pen is a cartridge converter. The only con is that it does not post very deeply so makes a rather long pen. I do not post my pens so that is of no concern to me. The colour and material of the pen is beautiful and looks really expensive. Conklin is owned by Yafa who has the Monteverde line as well. I have many Montelverde pens and their ink is excellent. I believe the nib and feed unscrews like the Pelikans do and so swapping nibs is easy. Goulet also sells other nibs that fit. Any questions please message me as the pen is inked at the moment and checking that the converter screws in has not been checked but I think it does. So this pen has many wonderful qualities. On the Seitz-Global site I did not see this pen, in fact did not recognize any of their stock. Availability and shipping costs are probably a concern for different continents.


Looks great! I’ve been thinking a lot about purchasing a Conklin because I want a reliable flex pen. Could you show us a writing a sample?

Of course Mate I will try to do a sample but my techno skills are sure going to be challenged! Here we go.

Now I hope this comes out large enough to read and is a picture not a link.
Want to also mention that I bought this pen because I liked the material and build and the omni-flex was a bonus. I have other nibs for the pen too. This is not as flex as maybe some want but enough for me. Also on occasion you will get a hard start and I think the ink and paper make a difference. Also if one gets the luck of the draw and the nib or feed is a problem some expertise might be needed. I have an All Amercan and a regular Duragraph as well and the nibs swap easily.
Look how gorgeous this All Amercan is! I have Pelikan Edelstein Mandarin in this and it can run a bit dry but it is a wonderful match. For some the Conklin are a love hate relationship but I love them and often a bit of nib flossing will do the trick for flow. And we know that orange inks can be a bit dryer at times. Hope this helps.


Thanks for the writing sample! :smiley: I expected a bit more line variation :open_mouth: Both pens look absolutely stunning!

Looks like it’s easy to change the nib which is a good thing :smiley:

Thank you for the review Barbara. Enjoy your new pen :slight_smile:
I like the classic look of the Conklin Duraflexes & Durographs and the colours & patterns of the materials are nice but I haven’t bought one. How smooth is the nib of your Duraflex?

Hi Peter. Just tonight (here in NZ) :smiley_cat:I was using my special edition Duraflex with a medium nib with Diamine Aqua Blue and it is writing really well. Good flow and smooth. I can change the nibs on this like you do the Pelikans. I have not shown this pen on this site and it is the beautiful turquoise one that Goulet has as an exclusive. Goulet points out that it is called the Duraflex but has this medium nib. The 120th Anniversary that you saw on this site has the Omni-flex nib and it writes nicely as well. I did say that ink and feed can be problematical with flow sometimes but I love the build and beauty of these pens so much that a few hard starts just do not bother me. Who does not have to prime a feed now and then.
Oh by the way I put Visconti Blue on my wish-list with Goulet Pens so I would not forget. Looks wonderful. :butterfly:

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A beautiful pen! I seem to have one, as well. :slight_smile: It’s gorgeous, and has become a daily-carry in my shirt pocket when I’m out and about. It’s a bit flashy for that, but that’s okay. The deep blue resin is almost hypnotic, and it’s hard to take your eyes off of it.

This is my first post on this forum, thank you for allowing me on board!

John in Missouri

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Wonderful to see you here John and for others reading this post John is a wonderful pen pal of a few years and I told him of this community and how great it was. So now we have another pen and ink lover to share with us. Let us know when you list your inks John and what name you used if you use something else. I do not feel bad anymore when I look at the leader boards and see how many more inks others have. I thought pens were a problem but maybe inks are worse. Again welcome!.

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Nice to have you here both of you Barbara and John. Keep on sharing your thoughts on everything related or not.:wink:

Thanks for the lovely welcome. I wish I spoke your language but all of you on this forum speak such wonderful English it really makes the experience so nice for us. I will be doing more posts but want to show things that are different but then again some of you order from US sites so can get some of the things I will be talking about. I have just been emailing with Mate to find me a music nib in a 3776. He has been wonderful in finding me LE’s that I cannot get here. @pennonia I am really enjoying getting to know all of you and feel the pen community are such nice people.


My all time favourite is the Conklin Wordcount.

Hello from New Zealand and welcome to this site. I have so few people here that I know who like pens and ink. it is wonderful to be a part of this community that likes to share. I too love Conklins and even though I have only All Amercans and Durapgraphs I find the pens good value for their price and now that the nibs have improved they are even more special. Lovely picture as your avatar. I should probably change my butterfly to something real so maybe one day. Barbara

Ah delighted to read this good review! So many bad out there! I have ordered one of these at the weekend. There is one on sale with Goulet pens for $29.99. Of course you have to factor in shipping and VAT but still a bargain if you can find some other deals :blush: looking forward to getting mine very much as it has been on my wish list.