Monteverde - California Teal

Ezt a tintát a legutóbbi toll találkozón kaptam, baráti segítséggel érkezett Amerikából. :smiley: Őszintén szólva nem erre számítottam, nem csak a név miatt, nekem a teal kékes-zöldet jelent, hanem a neten látott minták alapján. Nem rossz szín, jól viselkedik a tollban és még sheen-je is van, rózsaszínes, de nem egy kékes-zöld, hanem zöld amiben talán van kék, csak nem veszem észre. :smiley:
A toll amiben kipróbáltam szintén új, az előbb említett baráttól kaptam ajándékba mikor elmentünk a Fiókba. :smiley: Na annak a színe olyan amilyenre számítottam a képek alapján. Halvány menta Kaweco Classic Sport egy 1.1-es heggyel.
Sajnos nem tudtam rendesen lefényképezni a sheen-t, de Tomoe River papíron (4. kép) élőben jobban látszik.

I got this ink at our latest pen meet up with the help from a visiting friend. To be honest I wasn’t expecting this, not just because the name teal means a bluish-green color to me, but because of the swatches I’ve seen. It’s not a bad ink, it behaves well and even has a pinkish sheen, but it’s not bluish-green, it’s a green that has some blue in it, I’m just not seeing it. :smiley:
The pen I was testing it is also new, I got from said friend when we were visiting Fiók (a stationary shop in Budapest). Now it’s color is exactly what I expected based on the pictures. A pastel mint Kaweco Classic Sport with a 1.1 nib.
Sorry about not being to able to capture the sheen better, it looks better in real life, especially on Tomoe River paper (4th picture).


Szép szín, nekem ez a színvilág az abszolút gyengém. :slight_smile:

Ha tudsz hozni egy üres fiolát a találkozóra, szívesen adok mintát! (Mert nekem is :D)
Sajnos kezdek kifogyni az üres fiolákból, így most csak cserélve tudnék adni.

Oké, azt hiszem, tudok vinni.:smiley:

oké! akkor felírom, hogy én se felejtsem el :smiley:

Orsi I hope you are the nice person from the Fountain Pen Companion Podcast interview and thanks for your English on this post too. I am writing you because Monteverde California Teal is one of my favourite inks and I was thrilled to see what you did on this post. Just wanted to thank you for this effort. Well done. I live in New Zealand and love pens and ink and feel like the lone ranger here because I am older and do not get out much but love reading forums like this and am BarbarainNZ on the ink list on FPC. my best, Barbara

@dragorsi Check out how Kim used California teal in this post. Impressive sheen.

She drew on it with a gold pen.


Oh, thank you you are so sweet to say this! :smiley: (I am from the podcast, yes haha)
New Zealand! You live at a lovely place!
I can understand you, before our monthly meetings and finding these guys I didn’t have much pen people in my life and that was hard :smiley:
Age means nothing anyway and I hope you’ll find someone locally as well, but until then I am (we are) here! :smiley:

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Hi again. I listen to all sorts of podcasts and look at endless reviews but found the Fountain Pen Companion group the best. Mate of Pennonia found me a pen I have wanted for a long time. Urban has written me and I have pen pals all over the world but this site and forum might be where I land if I can figure it all out!: Thanks for the reply and I wish I could figure out how to do a personal message if there is a place for that…might have to ask Urban. Lovely to get your reply and I will keep watching this site to see what is happening. B

@BarbaraNZ Just click a person’s profile picture or name to see their profile. The profile will have a button to message them. Private messages function just the same as other posts. You can invite other people into the private discussions too. (I use the same software on an art forum I administer, so feel free to ask any technical questions).

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Thanks Marcus for this help and also I wanted to tell you that I have just done an ink order with Seitz-Global and I am pleased as there were a few inks on their site I wanted. The free shipping was a bonus but may have been absorbed in the price…who knows but the pricing was fine. Another question is where do I find the new person tutorial? I am very grateful for your interest and help. Barbara

Hello @discobot where’s the tutorial?

Hi! To find out what I can do, say @discobot display help.

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@BarbaraNZ I just demonstrated above how to talk to the friendly chatbot built in to the forum. It’s called discobot. Just for anyone else who does not know of its existence.

It can show tutorials and help you with questions. Click in the right hand corner, select the envelope icon, then new message and address it to Discobot. It’s quite fun.

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