My one and only Pelikan!

Hello All!
I am so excited to have a special pen I have had my eye on for a long time to commemorate an upcoming personal milestone. I did not expect to get it so soon but I happened across an eBay listing that was perfect for me. I am now the owner of what had been a new uninked Pelikan m400 Souveran White/Tortoise with M nib. I am trying it out with Pelikan ink to go for the intended experience and do love it. However, I intend to send it for modification to a stub or smooth cursive Italic. It is unlikely that I will ever get another pen like it, I just had to share my joy!
If anyone has this pen what ink to do use in it?


Hi, I bought a white tortoise EF for my wife that I sent to Mike Masuyama to have it ground to a needlepoint (my wife’s preference). Mike did an excellent job and it turned out to be smooth (for a needlepoint). Currently she uses Diamine Inkvent 2019 Triple Chocolate, but she used Noodler’s Apache Sunset and SBREBrown too. She first inked it up with Sailor Jentle Grenade which was hard to clean out of the pen as I remember. Enjoy your M400 White Tortoise, that’s a truly beautiful pen!

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Hello I am another Pelikan lover and it has taken me a long time to get them and I do have the M400 in the Blue Stripe. I always use Pelikan inks in my Pelikan pens as I have always thought that companies are careful and make ink to suit their nibs and feeds. I use lots of Pelikan 4001 inks and Dark Green is a favourite since it shades beautifully. It would be OK in your pen even though it does not match exactly. I usually use nibs as they come but Peter is so right about the grinds that can be done. I just use lots of mediums and broads and since I live in New Zealand it is not easy to send nibs to the US for such wonderful changes. Joy is such a good word for a Pelikan. Hopefully you have found the Pelikan Perch blog about these pens and can learn more. Nice to see your post. Barbara in NZ ( I am an American from California.) But that is another story. :smiley:


I also like to use the Pelikan 4001 inks in my Pelikan pens (I have two). Jackson’s Art had a sale on inks last year and I bought the whole set at $4.50 per bottle. Anytime I really really want to ink a pen but can’t decide on an ink, I line up the 4001s and choose one. The ink cleans out really well,too. What a nice milestone marker! Linking a new pen to something so special certainly increases the amount of joy in using it.
Lisa in Eugene OR

Ah I wondered where you were! I mentioned that I did live in California…Santa Barbara to be exact, and I have been in New Zealand many years… But I buy from Cult Pens in the UK the most as they use Royal Mail which is doing so well in these Covid days. I do want to get a M800 eventually but Pelikan is having stock problems right now and so I am waiting till they get back into better production. What Pelikans do you have at present. They are pricey but Cult Pens does seem to have good prices and I still have a US credit card so that exchange rate is not too bad. My other favourite Pelikan ink is Mandarin and it is not too dry in a Pelikan pen. But I am like you the 4001’s are wonderful. . Thanks for posting and how nice you are in Oregon. Barbara in New Zealand

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I don’t have any of those yet other than one sample I think but will need to look into those. The set sounds great. Here in the Spokane, WA area we don’t have much for brick & mortar shopping for inks and such. Mainly a couple of things at Staples I think and a pen makers at Auntie’s bookstore.
How’s the smoke where you are? We are inundated today.

If you are addressing me I am in the Spokane, WA area. But I suspect you were replying to @Sk8rcruz :wink:

The smoke has us sheltering in place. We are 16 kilometers/10 miles from the evacuations. It’s been 6 days of wearing masks indoors and keeping the door seams taped. Only go out once a day for mail. My daughter lives in the Bay Area (CA) and it’s hazardous air there as well. She has some very good air purifiers. We are waiting for ours to arrive now! Thanks for asking! I have a Pelikan M1000 B, green stripes, and an M800 F, brown stripes. I had an M205 but it was not comfortable for me so I sold it. I purchased the M1000 new from Appelboom, using the Gourmet Pens discount code and got 10% off FRIENDS -just in case you are tempted!

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The smoke has been crazy. It’s amazing how long it is sticking around. I’ve avoided anything much outside but I need to get some things done!
I hope you are still safe!


I have some health consequences from it, but it rained all night! Later today-open windows.

I’m sorry to hear that. Hopefully once all this clears out and we get some rain your symptoms will improve as well.